Hunter seems a bit depressed this morning.

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Donald got involved with people he should never have gotten involved with.

He really likes languages.

Hilda was the one that painted this picture.

I love dessert.

We hear you, Marnix.


What else would you like to know?

I've been to America twice already.

I can't pay Leif today.

You're efficient.

Frederick usually wears sunglasses even when it's not so bright.

I like playing tennis.

Why aren't you asking me?

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We could not tell the twins one from the other.

Mickey and the others ran out of the building.

Do you have any aspirin on you?

That country's economy is growing.

Ann is very good at French.


It sounds like you want to be alone.

May I use this bat?

I can't bear the inconvenience of country life.

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She, of all people, wouldn't do such a thing.

I could've done much better.

I hope Ken does OK.

Vic wanted to be in a committed relationship with Dylan.

There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

I don't like the way he speaks to me.

The reasons for this neglect are not hard to discover.


I usually drive myself.


I admit that I was a little drunk.

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Don't worry about it, Ruth. It's not your problem.

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Dogs have all the good qualities of people without at the same time possessing their weaknesses.

List will do it tomorrow.

A group of boys were coming up to me.

I thought Tolerant would say hello to Sonja.

Loukas could've run away.


The old man walked with a stick.


I was aware of that fact.

Quit dragging your feet.

How beautiful my sewn drapes are.


I'm afraid it will be rainy.

Can you close the window, please?

We want you to do that.

Socorrito looked at the painting on the wall.

Jane asked me if I would like to cook.

Where is the Customs Service?

Is Sao Paulo a good place to live?

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I've got company.

We are in a pretty scrape!

She was born in the purple.

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The Russians have never lived as bad as under the Obama administration.

They blew up the bridge with gunpowder.

Nothing is pleasant in life.

You were never like us.

I hear you're a poker player.

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Kusum gave us what we needed.


We are to meet at the station at seven.

You are foolish to say such a thing.

I find Italian food very desirable.


I'm used to getting my own way.

He will be coming to see me this afternoon.

Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practice one's religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.

Belinda told me he was thirsty.

You'll have no choice.

And Pilate having seen that it profiteth nothing, but rather a tumult is made, having taken water, he did wash the hands before the multitude, saying, 'I am innocent from the blood of this righteous one.'

All you have to do is to wait.

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He had his shirt on inside out.

You're being unfair.

King quite often sleeps more than eight hours.

He knocked on the door, then came in.

We think we're very close solving the problem.


It took three weeks for me to get over my cold.

Neville acts like he doesn't even know Kathleen.

My dad was an actor.

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Despite Hippocrates' very first exhortation, the history of medicine abounds in needless torture and bad counsel.

Jerald appeared busy.

The shop assistant went out of his way to find what we needed.

Alastair said he will help me get what I need.

The comic scenes in the play were overdone.


Kevyn is a pain in the neck.

He usually went to bed at eleven.

I can't get that thought out of my head.


Why don't you trust me just for once?

People love to talk.

She told me about the evils of stealing.

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Don't worry. I won't hurt her.

Twenty people attended the party.

She let a room.

You have my email address, right?

We all had such a good time.

Corey and Charleen only speak French with their children.

People in these areas are growing hungrier each year.


You know you can count on me.

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He is no longer full of activity.

We're in third place.

I was hoping I wouldn't cry today, but I did.


You might have to eat those words a few years from now.

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She looked around her room.


The day of decision is at hand.

I pretended to play along.

It was incredibly fun.

The river which flows through Paris is the Seine.

We have to give them something.

She puts on a lot of lipstick when applying make up.

Does Tuan still keep in touch with Lindsey?

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Every morning she helps her mother to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

I think Wilmer is up to something.

I can't agree with you as regards that matter.

I understand you have a job to do.

I left my keys in the car!


I have lived here for ten years.

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Did Manavendra stay long?

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Sending year-end gifts is one of the customs peculiar to Japan.

I am monogamous.

Urs is paralyzed.

Martha wondered if Lewis liked him as much as he liked her.

Emil crochets lace every night.

A great student is what the teacher hopes to be.

Sawako wants to go to France.


I'll need my own tools.

In the valley, the violets came out early.

Tollefsen handed Horst a large padded envelope.

The gentleman was killed by a slave in revolt.

Michael is preparing drinks.

I want to go home to see my wife.

Sridharan put the ashtray in front of Fletcher.

That could be arranged.

You know what I think of that.

I think it's time for me to take a break.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

The car that I bought was delivered to me this morning.

I dashed off the report.

Norbert does not know the difference between charcoal and carbon.

Claude can't do it.

Freedom is usually equated with doing whatever you like.

I just ran into her on the street.

Shannon is the only person I know who can play the trombone.

He likes reading the Chinese book his father wrote in America.

How far is too far?

Leung read Mat's letter over and over again.


We elected Mr Jordan chairperson.

They're not telling us the truth.

I didn't know that Janos's car was stolen.

Are both of you really named Henry?

His only wish was to see his son one last time.

I knew how to deal with it.

I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.


She's married to a foreigner.

I'm sure that Sherri will ask Rob to go to the concert with him.

Andy likes both Barrett and Alice and can't decide who to ask to the dance this weekend.

My problems are very similar to yours.

I'll ask him if you like.

I have a lot of pictures.

Mosur is in terrible shape.


Lowell needs a ride to Boston.

A camel can store a large amount of water in the hump on its back.

Are there lots of sharks around here?

They should wash their faces.

It's not always so easy to do the right thing.


I'm chilled to the bone.

Why do I feel this way?

I forgot to mention it to you.